2015 Swine Flu Dashboard for India

The number of people falling sick due to the H1N1 ("swine flu") virus surpassed 34,000 and nearly 2,100 people have died this winter season. NewsPie.in is tracking all the confirmed cases of swine flu and deaths due to the illness. This dashboard presents the latest numbers on the incidences and deaths due to swine flu. The data is updated at least once a day and is gathered from news reports across the country.

The map to the left shows wich states are affected and how much relative to the country's total. Therefore, the brighter the shade of red, the bigger that state's share of the total reported cases.

The circles represent cities or districts that have reported deaths due to swine flu, and the color shows the mortality rate, if available. Move the mouse pointer over the circles to see details.

The numbers for cities and states may not add up to the totals for the country. While NewsPie.in has attempted to get all the available numbers, inconsistencies reflect how they are reported by other sources. Some news sources have reset the count from the 1st of the year while others count from the beginning of the flu season. If you have more numbers for states or cities, write to info@newspie.in with the information and the source.