Registered Indian company names often indicate the principal activity of the company, such as "Acme Trading" or "Bhubaneswar Cements". We have analyzed over 1.3 million company names starting in 1980 to see what words appeared most frequently in the names registered each year, to see whether this would tell us something about how business has been changing over the past 35 years. The data was cleaned up to remove non-meaningful words, such as "Company" and "Inc", and words that only made it once or twice during the time-span. Similar words like "Hotel", "Hotels" and "Resorts" have been grouped together.

The result is the chart below showing the 50 most commonly occurring words each year. This is a rough indicator but nevertheless some clear trends do show up, with some sectors losing popularity over time and some others gaining. The size of the circles indicate the relative frequency of the word in that year (looking vertically).


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